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5 Common Myths Regarding Permanent Exhaust Insulation

The industry has been plagued by inferior, permanent, hard coat insulating products. HTI has been producing a solution that outperforms the competition on every level. Here are the most common myths that we hear.

  1. Permanent / hard coat insulation makes it difficult to service my engine.
    HTI’s insulation is applied so that your components remain modular. You can still service individual portions of your system. Also, HTI insulation does not break down and turn to dust like our competitor’s. You will be servicing your engine components less and less over time.

    “HTI insulation lasts at least 2 engine cycle rebuilds or 8 years, whichever comes first.” – Ingram Barge

  2. Permanent / hard coat insulation is expensive.
    When you consider the longer life span of HTI’s military-grade insulation it actually costs less per year. Also, blanket-style insulation is typically removed during engine maintenance and not properly re-installed or completely left off the engine upon reassembly. Now think of the cost ramifications of zero insulation; both safety and performance.

  3. Permanent / hard coat insulation isn’t worth the time or effort to install.
    HTI works with your production and maintenance schedule to ensure that your components are ready and waiting to be installed.

  4. Permanent / hard coat insulation breaks down and allows combustible fluids to soak in rendering my engine extremely dangerous and flammable.
    Not true. The proof is in the pictures below. On the left you have an HTI insulated exhaust manifold that has held up to the heat, moisture, dirt, and extreme conditions you often find in mining and marine industries. You can see that the manifold itself is extremely rusty while the insulation itself is still in tact and just as solid as the day it left our facility. On the right you see a permanent insulation install that was not performed by HTI. The insulation itself has turned to dust and is no longer carrying its insulating properties. This allows flammable materials to permeate the material and create a much more dangerous environment

  5. My engine is to complicated and intricate for permanent / hard coat insulation.
    HTI works with your design team to develop an install that conforms to your exact specification. Our insulation adds only 1/8′ to the skin. HTI has implemented their insulation in some of the most “space demanding” areas. The image below is an example of one of the more complicated manifolds that HTI has produced.

HTI has been producing a permanent, hard coat engine exhaust insulation solution for almost 3 decades. The proprietary technology was developed early on while producing insulation for military vehicles. Don’t let the common myths mentioned above steer you away from better performance, safety, and an improved bottom line.

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