Rigorous Industries, Highest Standards

High Tech Insulators creates high temperature explosion proof insulation for the marine, mining and defense industries. In these rigorous industries a fail-safe, reliable product is a must.

All products are developed to meet the industries highest standards:

  • Non-flammable and resistant to all fuel types
  • Withstand any harsh environments an engine can be placed in
    Compact and lightweight, adding only 3/8 inch to the part size
  • Independent laboratory tests show that an exhaust tube with exhaust gas passing at 1100 degrees will have a skin temperature of 250 degrees when insulated with CMD-1987.

Exceeding these high standards, High Tech Insulators has provided thousands of parts for the U.S. Military and commercial customers since 1985.

High Tech Insulators has been a leading provider of baked-on engine insulation since 1985. They specialize in using state of the art techniques to insulate vital engine components such as turbo chargers, exhaust tubes, and exhaust manifolds. HTI has provided thousands of parts to clients in extremely demanding industries such as marine, mining, and defense. By using the highest quality materials coupled with rigorous industry standards their products excel in the harshest of conditions. No matter what the situation, parts insulated by HTI go above and beyond their client’s demands. For more information on how HTI can solve your engine insulation needs, contact adama@sales-eng.com.

HTI can provide you with a complete part such as a fabricated manifold or exhaust tube.